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ACDC - the Standard



The teeth are sound,strong, and evenly spaced. They grip with a scissor bite, the lower incisors close behind and just touching the upper incisors. As the dog is required to move cattle by "biting",  teeth which are sound and strong are very important.

The eyes are of oval shape and medium sized. Neither prominent or sunken and must express alertness and intelligence. A warning or suspicious glint is characteristic when approached by strangers. Eye colour is dark brown.

The ears should be of moderate size, preferably small rather than large, broad at the base, muscular, pricked and moderately pointed (neither spoon or bat-eared). They are set wide apart on the skull, inclining outwards, sensitive in their use and pricked when alert. The leather should be thick in texture and the inside of the ear should be fairly well furnished with hair.

The neck is extremely strong, muscular, and of medium length, broadening to blend into the body and free of throatiness.

The shoulders are strong, sloping, muscular and well angulated to the upper arm. They should not be too closely set at the withers. The forelegs have strong , round bone extending to the feet, and should be straight and parallel when viewed from the front. The pasterns should show flexibility with a slight angle to the fore arm when viewed from the side. Although the shoulders are muscular and the bone is strong, loaded shoulders and heavy fronts will hamper correct movement and limit working ability.

The length of the body from the point of the breast bone in a straight line to the buttocks is greater than the height at the withers as 10 is to 9. The top line is level, back strong with ribs well sprung and carried well back (but not barrel chested). The chest is deep, muscular, and moderately broad, with the loins broad, strong and muscular, and the flanks deep. The dog is strongly coupled.

Hindquarters are broad, strong and muscular. The coup is rather long and sloping, thighs long, broad and well developed. The stifles are well turned and the hocks strong and well let down. When viewed from behind, the legs from the hocks to the feet are straight and parallel (neither too close nor too wide apart).

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